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- 20 Years in the Making -
1997 - 2017

We do not sell a product, we sell an experience. 

Deliver a world class customer experience that is consistent on every job, from the first sale to the final nail.

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Create consistent efficiencies that will honor the customer’s investment as well as maximize our results.  Assembly Line Theory (A-L-T) is our emphasis in 2017.

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We do not hire workers, we provide opportunities.

Create a positive solution driven work environment where the resources are in place for a good worker to become a great worker.

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Wenger Worker Academy

Looking for a career?
Want to become a great worker?

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We are a family business that places a high value on working hard, showing up on time and having a good attitude. We are solving the labor crisis in our industry by fundamentally changing the way that our industry has traditionally approached workers - YOU! Workers are the key to any company's success in our industry right now. Our GOAL is to find good workers and help them become great workers.

Our mission is to create a positive culture and work environment where good workers can earn a good wage and great workers can earn a great wage! Where the resources are in place for good workers to become great workers! If you are inexperienced or just a good worker - we have the tools and coaches in place for you to gain experience and become a great worker - BUILD VALUE for yourself!

We call this WENGER WORKER ACADEMY.  We are inventing a new approach that provides you - a good worker - with a CLEAR PATH for SUCCESS to become a great worker!


Wenger is a FULL SERVICE Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal company.

What does that mean?
We have a deep portfolio of projects in which we have successfully completed the roofing, siding and sheet metal. Today's projects are far more complex, with regard to their exterior cladding, than ever before.  With many different systems being specified for 1 building, Wenger has positioned themselves as the leader with our ability to provide multiple high level crews.

  • Wenger has a team of 15 roofing professionals.
  • Wenger has a team of 35 siding & sheet metal professionals.

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