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Welcome to our new website!  Wenger is celebrating our 20th year in business this year.  My parents, John and Laurie (Ma & Pa), started Wenger Construction, Inc. back in 1997 with 1 employee, my brother Craig.  Since that day we have built a team of 40+ field workers and an experienced management team.  We have also successfully completed numerous impressive projects along the way that we are extremely proud of.  Our new website has been designed to showcase our people and our projects.

My parents worked their butts off and made many sacrifices in their lives to make this business possible.  The vision that we have today is one that honors their sacrifice and hard work by maximizing the opportunity that they created.  I had a vision back in 2008 to take our “Mom and Pop manilla folder operation” and turn it into a “Full Service Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal Corporate Business” without losing the family business feel.

To combat the many challenges that our industry has thrown at us in our quest to achieve our vision, we have come up with solutions that have not only strengthened our cultural fabric but have also been industry leading.

Wenger thrives on new ideas to solve today’s construction challenges.

  • Wenger Worker Academy is an initiative designed to solve the labor crisis in our industry by making Wenger the best place to work in our industry.  Thus giving us the ability to retain and hire the best workers.  I feel like we have built one of the top work forces in our industry – we have an absolutely awesome group of hard working men and women in the field that also are passionate about our vision.
  • WENGER2.017 is an initiative designed to improve the experience we provide our customers and our workers starting with the first sale (the management team) all the way through the final nail (the field team).  We don’t sell a product, we sell an experience.  We must provide a consistent experience on every job we step foot on.  I always use the example that I want my McDonald’s cheeseburger to taste the same at every McDonalds!
  • Assembly Line Theory (A-L-T) is a concept that improves our efficiency and honors the investment of our customer in us.  This is a response to the complex buildings that are being designed today with multiple products and systems cladding the exterior.  We are not coming up with any new ideas that Henry Ford did not already come up with 104 years ago!  We are studying work patterns and giving our crews the resources they need to be successful in maximizing efficiencies with regard to specialized mini crews, labor buckets and production tracking.  We know in real time if a mini crew is running ahead or behind the budgeted installation rates for each labor bucket we have in progress – that is production tracking and that is powerful!

Our focus on building our business while keeping the “family feel” has proven to be challenging and rewarding at the same time.  It is our people that have made the difference.

One of those challenging times was in 2013.  We took some risks that did not pay off, the construction labor crisis was starting to be felt, and we did not have the controls and culture in place that we do today.

The Wenger legacy was hanging on by a thread and I truly believe we were days from shutting our doors.  It was all hands on deck.  The loyalty that was shown by our workers, our vendors and our customers was nothing short of a miracle!  While it was literally a “living hell” for my parents and I behind the scenes, we could not have done it without our loyal team of clients, workers and vendors!  I will take this opportunity to thank all of you again – without you we would not be in the awesome place we are today – thank you.  We sacrificed together, worked hard together and persevered – we remained focused on our vision and good things started to happen again.

We gained some incredible wisdom having gone through this.  In our third year removed we are stronger than ever.  Our culture is off the charts, our control is tight and our communication is high level.  I will never take any of these for granted.  They have become part of our fabric.  We study them and work on them during every part of every day.

We have built a winning team that is very passionate for the vision we have as a company.  This team has taken decades to assemble.  We have many great individuals among us, but at this point we are only a pretty good team.  WENGER2.017 is all about becoming a great team delivering a world class customer experience. This is our goal, to get better in every facet while maintaining a high level culture.  We will continue to nurture our initiatives while developing leaders to take this company to even greater heights.

This week I am taking 20 of my best men and women, my leaders, to the ABC Super Conference in the Dells.  This is a 2 day event where we will be inspired by industry leaders in safety, leadership, management and more!  I look forward to see what ideas and inspirations we take from this event into our own crews to continue to improve the experience for our clients and our workers.

As Lee puts it…..

The Wenger Way!

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