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To whom it may concern,

I met Jake Wenger in 2005. We had hired Wenger Construction to install fiber cement panel siding and sheet metal. By the completion of that job, I knew that Jake and Wenger Construction were going to grow and become one of the premier siding and roofing companies in Wisconsin. Their professionalism and “we can do” attitude are second to none.

Over the years Jake has taken this company to new heights. Whether you are considering a large or complex siding job, a steep or flat roof Wenger is the sure choice. They meet and exceed expectations.

Jake instills in his employees that they listen and take care of the contractor and owner that they are working for. If you task any of Jake’s employees to do something or help with something they don’t blink an eye‐ they step up and do whatever they can.

Wenger’s work and finished product are also second to none. They pay careful attention to all of the details that go into an assembly or a particular product. When they are complete you know it was done right and done well‐you will not be back fixing it. Last year they completed a very touchy metal wall panel project. I was so impressed with Wenger’s work that I made certain to thank Jake and let him know I had never seen such a good job before. What could have been a disaster turned into a shining jewel that the owner loved at the hands of Wenger.

As long as I am in the construction industry, Jake and Wenger Construction will always be at the top of my list.

Altius Building Company

Andy Klimpel, Project Manager

Altius Building Company

Assuming the quality that we have experienced thus far continues through project completion we will most certainly write a favorable letter of recommendation.  You guys are doing a great job!  So far we’ve been impressed with the following:

  • The attitude of the roofers to work with us and other trades to get things done has been excellent
  • The care that the roofers have taken in placing our custom paver pattern was appreciated
  • The amount of time the siding foreman spent on layout of the materials was significant and is part of the reason the install is going so well
  • The willingness to point out Nichiha panels that were not perfect (not part of quote, to clarify the issue:  manufacturer defect – Nichiha stood behind and ponied up) and to replace them was refreshing compared to some contractors that fight those types of situations


Jonathan Brinkley, Senior Project Manager

Excel Engineering


I would like to thank you and your team for the great job installing the metal siding and fiber cement siding at the River House Apartments at 1785 -1795 N. Water Street in Milwaukee. The craftsmanship of your work is great, but what has made working with you and your crews exceptional is your commitment to making the entire project successful.  With the tight working space around the buildings and the need to complete site work prior to winter, Lee and your onsite foreman Nick went above and beyond to work as a team with the other trades onsite. I look forward to working with you again!

Paul Hackbarth
Project Manager
Greenfire Management Services, LLC
3215 W. State St., Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Paul Hackbarth, Project Manager

Greenfire Management Services, LLC

Dear Jake and company workers,

Our church roof and steeple are covered, you did it on time, and I wanted to write since last Fall to be sure to tell you what a good piece of work you did for our church. Every time the wind blows hard – quite a few time in the last week – and every time we have gotten a driving rain or heavy snow I have thought of the roof that is now on the church. I also was musing about it this morning as I walked across the grass between the school and the back of our parish house. I saw shreds of the coating that had been on the top of the former roof tiles and I remember going around to pick up those pieces each time after we had a wind of more than ten miles per hours.

The roof is on and it is excellent for many reasons:

  • You provided samples of the roofing material, having two conferences with our committee to be sure we could pick out the exact material we wanted
  • You provided samples for the color of the gutters/downspouts and offered advice on the color match for the roofing and paint that would be put on the steeple
  • You picked out the most economic way to reach the heights of our steeple and assured us that you would be in compliance with EPA standards and for this you listed your experience; (we were nervous because another roofer wanted to erect scaffolding and wet down all materials coming off the roof.)
  • You did a patient and careful work with the flashings at the base of the chimney and around the steeple base
  • You worked with both subcontractors, the gutters and downspout people and the steeple painters
  • You solved all of the wood repair problems as you got through with the roof and started the steeple repairs so that now there is a solid underlay at all points;
  • You stood behind you work and did not question our need to replace concrete that was broken by the heavy lift, although at least half was probably broken by the painters, and immediately found out the cost for replacement and offered a credit;
  • You got through with your job on time in the cold Fall weather, but your men did not rush to complete, but did the same careful work in finishing as they did at the start of this job.

You on-time finish let the parish begin with the interior renovation and finish before Christmas. We also had the opportunity to then invite Archbishop Dolan of the Milwaukee Archdiocese to come and bless our repaired church and improved interior, I am going to include a copy of the worship folder that we printed for that celebration on January 10th of this year. You were given credit in the folder for your good performance.

I also want to give you credit for leaving yourself open to calls for any problems that might have continued and for paying a visit to look at a pileup of ice in the gutters on the south side of the church. Probably nothing could have been done about that. You came.

If you ask me whether I and the parish are good references for your work, I would say, YES! Emphasize that and know that we will gladly be on you short or long list of references.

Thank you again for your very good work.

Rev. James Vojtik, Pastor

St. Mary Parish

Wenger Construction took our home remodeling vision and with their attention to detail made it come to life.  Their culture of customer service was apparent throughout the remodeling process.  You could tell the workers cared about the quality of their work.  I would describe it as old-school worth ethic.  We have had so many compliments on the house.  It feels like a brand new property.

The Nielsen Family

Jeff Nielsen

The Nielsen Family


I just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how happy I have been with your company on our projects including the rehab projects you have completed as well as new construction projects you have been involved with. Your company has been on schedule and on budget. Thank you for your commitment to making our projects run smoothly.

Ralph Grebe
Senior Project Manager
Northcentral Construction Corporation

Ralph Grebe, Senior Project Manager

Northcentral Construction Corporation

Mr. Jake Wenger,

I have had the pleasure of working with Wenger Construction for 15 years now. If I had one word to describe Jake Wenger, it would be honesty. When Jake Wenger tells you he is going to do something, you can be assured it will get done, and done right.

Over the years, we have had a number of projects where there is the right way to correct an issue and there are shortcuts. Jake has always given me the truth on how a roofing situation should be addressed, even if it meant he may be losing the job to someone who is willing to cut corners. Jake insists the job gets down correctly, it's what he stands for.

Jake and his crew always perform their work in a most professional manner. They all work hard to do the job right, give sound advice and take the time to show you what needs to be done. They are a first class roofing operation.

I give Jake and his crew my personal recommendation and highly endorse them for any roofing project.

Greg Peters

Greg Peters, President

Professional Construction Management, Inc.

I have been more than impressed with Wenger's work and efficiency on this job. Your 100% attendance at the site meetings has not gone unnoticed as well. It definitely goes a long way with me when a company buys into our projects and has our best interest in mind.

I think you and I have great communication as well and I'm glad we have a solid team for both parkland, greenfield, and future developments.


Brendan Sigler, Construction Project Manager

Ener-Con Companies, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

Wenger Construction has been involved with (2) of my housing projects at the RiverHeath Development in Appleton, WI between 2014 and 2016 installing the fiber cement siding materials.  They were also awarded the fiber cement siding contract through the owner for the upcoming Courtyard Marriott project on the same development, work which will start in 2017.

Every project always has its share of challenges, but Wenger was always dedicated to working hard to keep us on schedule, troubleshoot solutions to problems, and always stand behind their workmanship.

In addition, Jake Wenger and his team have always been very receptive and timely to all of C.D. Smith’s requests along the construction delivery process, and we would highly recommend using Wenger Construction for any projects involving fiber cement siding systems.

Chris Badtke, Project Manager
C.D. Smith Construction, Inc.

Chris Badtke, Project Manager

C.D. Smith Construction, Inc.

To Whom it May Concern,

Wenger is a company that I have had the opportunity to work with on many projects.

My first experience came back in 2011 when they re-roofed the historic Landmark Mill in Cedarburg.  This is the building that Groth Design calls home.  There were some extreme challenges with this project.  Not only was access tricky, due to the height; but they also had to contend with Cedar Creek that runs actually under and through the building!  Wenger completed this project ahead of expectations with regard to safety, quality and schedule.

Wenger has also been the selected roofing, siding and sheet metal contractor on many Groth Design projects throughout the years.  Their submittal packages and attention to detail are at a very high level.  We are always pleased with the work they perform on buildings we design.

Finally, I recently hired Jake Wenger and his crews to re-roof my home.  The crew was hard working, the clean-up was immaculate and we were very happy with the quality of the final product.  The entire experience of working with Wenger throughout many years on many projects has been extremely positive. 

Groth Design would recommend Wenger for any roofing, siding or sheet metal project.

Mike Groth, AIA

Mike Groth, AIA

Groth Design

Dear Mr. Wenger:

VJS has had the opportunity to partner with Wenger Construction Inc, on multiple projects over the last 5 years. Wenger’s attention to detail and quality has been excellent. VJS has worked with Wenger specifically on roofing, siding, and metal shingle siding projects. Their continued dedication to quality and their team’s problem solving ability to work through conflicts truly sets them apart from other contractors as a member of the project team and not just a contractor on the job. It has been a pleasure working with their team and we look forward to future endeavors with their firm.

Justin Gross
Project Manager

Justin Gross, Project Manager


We have used Wenger for several years on a multitude of roofing projects. Whether it be a complete retail center roofing renovation or a small leak inspection, the crew at Wenger has been extremely knowledgeable and professional. Their attention to detail and communication make them stand out from the rest.

Jim Vaillancourt, Asset Management Director

Mid America
Customer for our largest flat roofing project: Bayside Marketplace Re-Roofing.


Dear Jake,

I would like to congratulate you on being one of our Top Tier customers and winner of the Perfect 10 Award. As you know this only goes to those contractors that have shown their dedication to installation and service with superior workmanship on Carlisle projects. Thank you for being an outstanding partner in 2016 and many years to come.

Jeff Dunn

Gulf Eagle


To Whom It May Concern

Drexel has been a supplier for Wenger Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal for over 10 years. We are proud to be their supplier and we enjoy working with the entire Wenger Team. Wenger is a leader in the roofing, siding and sheet metal industry and we highly recommend their work. Wenger handles the little things; their attention to detail and ability to work hand in hand with their customers is top notch.

Wenger takes the time to ensure their team is fully trained on all aspects of their projects, materials, and positions. They take extra time to ensure their job sites are safe, clean, and up to the expectations of their clients.

Lauren Parsons
Account Manager, Drexel Building Supply

Lauren Parsons, Account Manager

Drexel Building Supply

I have known Wenger Construction well over 20 years.  John Wenger was at the helm years ago in starting the Wenger Legacy.  John displayed a work ethic, second to none, filled with integrity!  He passed on his work ethic to his three sons, Jake, Craig, and Nick, who are all involved in continuing the “Wenger Legacy”.  I have enjoyed working with Wenger Construction because they acknowledge the people who were instrumental in helping them be the successful company that they are today.  My efforts had been rewarded countless times with business that I am very thankful for.  However, it’s not just about the business, but what has resulted is a genuine friendship.  It is a friendship like this that motivates me to get up every morning and start afresh, day after day.  The Wengers realize that one of their greatest assets are the men and women who run the “Wenger Machine”.  This “Machine” is turning into what Jake, Craig, Nick, John, and Laurie call, “The Wenger Family”.  They had come forward with all of their will, passion, and possessions in order to form this respected company.  The had made great sacrifices so that these men and women could have a dream career.  A career in which the Wengers put “first”, their employees.  An attitude as such, can only make Wenger Construction the preferred company of choice, to start & finish one’s career.  And of course, a company that you would want to conduct business with.  This attitude reflects also on how they treat their vendors, which has been with loyalty, respect, and trustworthiness.  I can only thank “them” for entrusting their business within my hands.

Dale Reichhart
Milwaukee Insulation
C# 414-397-8349
Direct # 262-790-4932
Fax# 262-790-2010

Dale Reichhart

Milwaukee Insulation

I have partnered with Wenger Construction for several years now to continuously  improve jobsite safety and quality by conducting periodic jobsite assessments and specialty training.  Wenger Construction has been very proactive to remain ahead of their competitors in these measures and is always looking for new ways to improve their employee safety and jobsite processes.

Dave Moore OTR, CSPHP, CEAS | Loss Control Consultant

Argent - A Division of West Bend Mutual Insurance Company


My roofing career started out about 10 years ago, I was given the opportunity by a union roofing company to start an entry level roofing position. I took the job not thinking the path that it would take me. The first year of roofing was hard, over the years it got easier, with the knowledge being taught to me. I have always had the drive to want more. Then I came across Wenger Roofing and Sheet Metal, I decided to send in an application to see what opportunities were there.

My current company at this time was doing well, but I wanted more. I wanted to be running a crew. The company I was at, being union, it would have been a long time before I would get there. They offered me the job and I started soon after. Right away I noticed that they were not a normal company. They wanted more, just like me, they were always looking for ways to be on the cutting edge. After a couple of months into my job, they gave me the opportunity to run a crew and I jumped on it.

They had started Wenger Worker Academy, a merit based pay system. When first started it caught my attention, this is what union roofing was. You started at the low pay and over time and knowledge you moved up on the scale. Here is where it differs WWA you earn it, union does pay increase on an apprentice program once you hit the next level of hours of installing you would get a raise, WWA you earn it. I see great things coming with this system. An entry level person can come in with little to no knowledge and know that if they want to make X amount of dollars, what they need to be doing to get there. WWA eliminates just handing out a raise every year like some companies have been doing forever. Wenger wants and is willing to pay the workers a high wage that they deserve and earn. If you work hard you should be rewarded for it, not just because you have been working there many years. I feel this helps everyone strive to give their all, and knowing that the guy next to you is earning their pay. I am seeing WWA working on a daily basis. This gives people a visual goal that they can drive for.

Wenger is a family dedicated company that makes everyone feel like we are one big family. I am coming up on my 4 year mark with Wenger, I am very happy/proud of the company I work for.

Ryan Gloede


I have over 10 years of building/construction experience in the surrounding Campbellsport Area and was looking for a change. I was really looking for employment in a small construction company around the Campbellsport area, where my family and I reside. Finding Wenger Roofing and Sheet Metal has been a great fit that allows me home every night with my family. I enjoy the challenge at Wengers, and the variety of work I do. I find it very rewarding.

Jason Jenkins


I had some experience in construction and wanted to see what Wenger Roofing and Sheet Metal was about. After working here, I like that this company takes cares of their employees. They make you work hard and if you want to continue to move up the ladder and become foreman you can. This is all based on merit pay. This is called Wenger Worker Academy and it has competitive pay. It is a team environment, every one works hard and wants to improve. I never would have thought I would be working for a roofing company before I started at Wenger, but now I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Jordan Waldschmidt


The foundation of a great business is built upon the vision of its leaders and forged with the compassion and integrity of its employees. In this regard Wenger is second to none. A family business in every sense of the word. When you join the Wenger team you join the Wenger family.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work at numerous construction companies and looking back I can't help but feel like they were mere stepping stones ultimately guiding and preparing me for a future and family with Wenger construction.

I'm no longer just working at another "job". With Wenger I feel motivated and encouraged to set the bar higher in life. We are rewarded for being proactive and maintaining that positive mindset.

This was truly realized through being introduced to, and involved in, a unique concept known as the Wenger Worker Academy.

The Wenger Worker Academy's core fundamentals are attitude, accountability, teamwork and leadership. The motto is "BE THE HAMMER" and WWA sets the nail for you, but it's up to you to drive it home.

The Wenger Worker Academy helps to give you a sense of accomplishment by setting individual goals and rewarding us for hitting the mark. If you work hard, have a good attitude and give it 110% then you are bound for a great future here. It's up to you. You can make a good wage for doing a good job or make an outstanding wage for doing an outstanding job.

One of the great parts of WWA is that small positive things you do, do not go unnoticed. There is an R +/- system that is used for finding individual strengths and weaknesses. The "R" stands for RECOGNITION. It is refreshing to know that you are being recognized for small positive things you do and if you are having some issues they will take the time to address and work on those things with you to help you make your way to that outstanding wage.

The bottom line is Wenger is a company that focuses a large part on the individual aspects of each of its employees and provides every opportunity and also outlines a personal plan for you to excel and realize your potential. There is no ceiling to your success here. So with your best foot forward the sky is the limit.

It's cool to think that I'm just one of many workers of the many crews that makes up the Wenger family and we all share in the same vision.

We are the hammers that are forging Wenger's future!

Andrew Powell


It has been a little over a year since I started as a sheet metal and siding worker with Wenger Work Academy, they offer a great working environment with many opportunities and employees are valued for their work. The whole experience has been great it’s helped me achieve my goals with a positive attitude and high opportunities to develop leadership skills. I am happy to be a part of this organization and continue to strive for WWA.

Jim Starr


Hi my name is Justin Schienebeck, and I have worked at Wenger for 4 ½ years. I started out as just a summer helper while I was attending college at UW Oshkosh. I graduated with a degree in physical education, but enjoyed working for this company so much that I decided to stay. When I first started, the flat roofing crew consisted of three full time employees plus two or three summer helpers. This last summer, we had a crew of about 14 fulltime employees.

If you have looked into our Wenger Worker Academy Program, I can first handedly tell you that it works. I started here with absolutely no knowledge of roofing or carpentry. I came in as green as they get. Within the last 4 ½ years I have made my way from laborer, through apprentice, to a lead man, and am now one of the two foreman for our flat roofing division. Having a review every six months with the possibility of an increase in pay not only motivates us to be better employees, but it also gives the opportunity to really show our value as workers.

The group of guys I’m able to work with also makes my job that much better. The company went through some hard and miserable times when I first started. Crew moral wasn’t always at its peak out in the field. Going to work every day now is much more satisfying and enjoyable. The systems we have down with the guys, all the upgrades in equipment we use, and the knowledge we have all gained in the last couple years all contribute to a better quality product and more fun at work. The flat roofing crew has earned the top 5% in quality award through Carlisle the past two years, and that’s something we all take a lot of pride in.

Justin Schienebeck


As I began my journey on the path to success it all started in a small town of Campbellsport Wisconsin.  I met with a small company called Wenger Construction, Inc. who had large dreams and even bigger goals.  I was an adolescent man at a pivotal age with a heavy burden on my shoulders of a growing family.  I knew I needed to find a company that would hold the longevity and share the vision that I've seen. I've strived my entire life to be as successful as possible, this relationship with Wenger has given me the ability to watch my vision grow in front of my eyes.  this has made me become a great man and given my family a happy life.

Taking this journey one step at a time, one page at a time, one tank of fuel at a time, has opened my heart and soul to the possibilities that the construction industry offers.  Wenger worker Academy has grown from the ground up and is showing that it not only works, but it is producing success in the field.  I have gone from a green laborer with Big Dreams to a Field Communication Manager and Project Specialist who strives for Success every second and every moment of the day. With this company by my side, and by our side, I know that the impossible is possible, not only do we have great resources in the office and in the field this company is a family business and we handle our issues and struggles like a strong family should.

Bryan Schneeberg


Working for Wenger Construction was a great career move for me. Their slogan is "A family business dedicated to excellence" and we are treated like family too.

I have tried to take every opportunity that has been given to me. I've learned a tremendous amount in my four years with the company, both mentally and with the products and materials we use on site.

I've worked my way up since I began employment with Wenger Construction and I know the sky is the limit.

Nic Armbruster