Why Hire Wenger?

Why Hire Wenger?

We do not sell a product, we sell an experience.  It is our vision and we are working hard to deliver a world class customer experience consistent on every job from first sale to final nail!

We are a successful family business celebrating our 20th year in business in 2017!

John Wenger, the founder, started roofing barns with his dad over 50 years ago to supplement the farm income. John's 3 boys grew up roofing and have built this business on sound principles such as hard work, positive attitudes, high quality and exceptional customer service to earn the reputation that they have today. Wenger truly is a "Family Business Dedicated to Excellence".


We have a deep portfolio of projects in which we have successfully completed the Flat Roofing / Steep Slope Roofing / Siding & Sheet Metal.

  • This eliminates the "gray area" overlaps that exist between these scopes of work.
  • You only have 1 contract to write and 1 contractor to oversee for multiple scopes of work.
  • Our portfolio ranges from very small repairs and projects to extremely large complex projects.


We are an ABC member.

This year I will be bringing 19 of us to their annual training event – the management team and all of my foremen and super foremen.  This absolutely fires up our entire team.  It reinforces that our vision is important and also gives us new ideas to achieve success.  It is an awesome event and I love hanging out with my best people for 2 days.  Seeing them inspired is very rewarding.


We have implemented an initiative 2 years ago to solve the labor crisis in our industry called Wenger Worker Academy.

Our workers are given a road map to improving their value. The vision of WWA is to create a positive solution driven work environment where the resources are in place for a good worker to become a great worker.

Worker Academy RESULTS
Worker Classification 2014 2015 2016
Super Foremen 2 4 6
Foremen 5 5 5
Leadmen 5 6 9


We have assembled a very skilled and experienced team.

Our 45 field workers have an average YEARS OF SERVICE at Wenger of 3 years 4 months.

Our office management team has an average YEARS OF SERVICE at Wenger of 8 years 4 months.


For 2 years in a row we have been awarded the Carlisle Perfect10n status.

This status is reserved for Carlisle's top 5% of flat roofing installers with regard to Quality NOT Quantity!


We have a very comprehensive safety program which includes new employee orientation, weekly toolbox talks, site specific safety plans and yearly training.

As we have grown we have been able to retain a safety rating that is beating the industry averages.

Following is feedback we recently received (unsolicited) from a client we just finished a large project for, in which we installed the Roofing, Siding & Sheet Metal for over this past winter……

"I’d like to first start out by complimenting you, Lee and your installation crew.  We have been subcontracting for Composite Panel Installation for a long time and Wenger should be considered one of the best!  Everything looks great, the craftsmanship is fantastic and that level was maintained even thru the sub-freezing temperatures.  So thank you very much."

WENGER2.017 Culture
20 Years in the Making
1997 - 2017

Today’s construction market has changed dramatically in the last 20 years.  We do not sell a product or hire employees; we sell an experience to our clients and provide opportunities to our workers! Wenger has been working hard for the past 20 years to build a team that can deliver a consistent high level experience in a tough market.  We feel that the team we are putting out on the field in 2017 has been 20 years in the making and is geared up to consistently WIN on all fronts.

It is important to SHIFT our way of thinking about how we approach projects.  A project is no longer just a pile of work to plow through.  It is about working together as a project delivery TEAM to deliver a high level EXPERIENCE to our customers.  From the first sale to the final nail, let’s explore ways to make that entire process the best experience in the industry and brand that!  That is WENGER2.017.


Deliver a world class customer experience that is consistent on every job, from the first sale to the final nail.


Create a positive solution driven work environment where the resources are in place for a good worker to become a great worker.


Create consistent efficiencies that will honor the customer’s investment as well as maximize our results.  Assembly Line Theory (A-L-T) is our emphasis in 2017.

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