Active Projects

Active Projects

Project: Excel Engineering Renovation

Clients: Miron Construction, Excel Engineering

City: Fond du Lac, WI

Wenger's Project Leaders:

Siding / Sheet Metal

jason jenkinst

Jason Jenkins
Super Foreman

Flat Roofing

justin schienebeck

Justin Schienebeck
Super Foreman in Training


Scope of Work:

  • NICHIHA Siding Panels
  • Longboard Wood Grain Metal Siding
  • Knight Wall Furring System
  • Sheet Metal Cladding (custom color)
    • Soffit & Fascia
    • Beam Cladding
    • Copings
    • Counter Flashings
  • New Construction TPO Roofing
  • Re-Roofing TPO Roofing
  • Custom Pavers

The Excel Engineering Renovation project is one that Wenger is very proud to be a part of.  Thank you to both Excel and Miron for giving us this opportunity!  This project is a symbol of what Wenger is all about.  It is highly complex with the multiple product systems that we installed including roofing, siding and sheet metal components.  We have worked on this project through the heart of the winter and have successfully delivered a great experience for both Miron and Excel.  Another challenge, that we welcomed with open arms, was that the building we were working on was filled with architects and engineers that had high expectations for their future building!  Based on the brief preliminary testimonial from Excel, we have met their expectations and we are looking to exceed them as we are geared up to finish strong these last few weeks!  Great job Jason & Justin.

Excel Testimonial

  You guys are doing a great job!  So far we’ve been impressed with the following:

  • The attitude of the roofers to work with us and other trades to get things done has been excellent
  • The care that the roofers have taken in placing our custom paver pattern was appreciated
  • The amount of time the siding foreman spent on layout of the materials was significant and is part of the reason the install is going so well
  • The willingness to point out Nichiha panels that were not perfect and to replace them was refreshing compared to some contractors that fight those types of situations

Remind me when the project is finished and we will produce the letter and include some specific examples of our satisfaction.

Jonathan Brinkley, AIA, PE
Architect, Senior Project Manager

Project: River Houses Apartment

Client: Greenfire Management Services, LLC

City: Milwaukee, WI

Wenger's Project Leaders:

Project Leader / FC Siding Crew Leader

nic armbruster

Nic Armbruster
Super Foreman

Metal Siding Crew Leader

andrew powell

Andy Powell
Foreman in Training


Scope of Work:

  • CorAVent Rain Screen
  • Fiber Cement Panels with Extrusions
  • Pac Clad HWP 24 ga. Steel Siding Panels

The River Houses project is a very large siding project that Wenger worked through the winter to complete.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Greenfire for this work.  We do not take jobs awarded to us for granted - we honor the opportunity by working hard to create a high level customer, project and crew experience from first sale to final nail!  We had a crew ranging in size from 8 - 16 over the course of the last 4 months.  This project included 2 buildings that were nearly identical.  We started the first building in October and finished in December.  We jumped right on the second building looking to finish in the next week!  Wenger delivered a high level customer experience exceeding expectations with regard to quality, safety and maintaining a schedule that met the expectations of our client - Greenfire.  Great job Nic & Andy! 

Greenfire Testimonial


I would like to thank you and your team for the great job installing the metal siding and fiber cement siding at the River House Apartments at 1785 -1795 N. Water Street in Milwaukee. The craftsmanship of your work is great, but what has made working with you and your crews exceptional is your commitment to making the entire project successful.  With the tight working space around the buildings and the need to complete site work prior to winter, Lee and your onsite foreman Nick went above and beyond to work as a team with the other trades onsite. I look forward to working with you again!

Paul Hackbarth
Project Manager
Greenfire Management Services, LLC
3215 W. State St., Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Project: Mequon Barn Restoration

Before we arrived onsite

Just about done

Just about done.

Good start on the roofing and siding.

The rendering - vision.

Client: Mequon Residence

City: Mequon, WI

Wenger's Project Leader:

Siding / Sheet Metal

nick wenger

Nick Wenger
Super Foreman


Scope of Work:

  • Quality Edge TruCedar Board & Batten Metal Siding
  • Firestone Una-Clad UC-4 Steel Standing Seam Panels
  • S-5 ColorGard Snow Retention System
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
    • Soffit & Fascia
    • Gutters & Downspouts

This project was a unique barn restoration project. The main challenge was furring the old roof so that we could install the standing seam panels straight and true, minimizing oil canning. The siding was a new product for Wenger. It went on smoothly - we installed 10" on center board and batten metal siding at the main exterior walls and 6" on center at the gables for a nice contrast. Overall the client has been extremely happy with the experience we have delivered. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity that our client has given us. We only have a few days left to finish this project. Great job Nick Wenger!

Project: Rhythm Apartments

Client: Catalyst Construction, Newland Enterprises

City: Milwaukee, WI

Wenger's Project Leaders:

Siding / Sheet Metal

jason bungert

Jason Bungert
Super Foreman in Training

Flat Roofing

justin schienebeck

Justin Schienebeck
Super Foreman in Training


Scope of Work:

  • Wall Insulation System
  • Hat Channels
  • Fiber Cement Panel Siding w/ Extrusions
  • Fiber Cement Lap Siding
  • Composite Metal Wall Panels
  • Sheet Metal Cladding
  • Soffits
  • Copings
  • Counter Flashings
  • TPO Rhinobond
  • EPDM Ballast
  • Paver System
The Rhythm Apartments project was an extremely challenging project for many reasons. We installed through the heart of winter and the access around the site was extremely tight, being right up against Water Street downtown. The other challenging aspect was installing fiber cement siding to a steel building - everything had to be screwed, not nailed. We are about 1 month from completing this project, mainly have the composite wall panels remaining. Our project leaders, Jason and Justin, did a great job keeping the crew morale at a high level throughout managing this project with the principles of Wenger Worker Academy front and center..... creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Great job gentlemen.

Project: Shorehaven Retirement Community

Client: Altius Building Company

City: Oconomowoc, WI

Wenger's Project Leaders:

Siding / Sheet Metal

josh storck

Josh Storck
Super Foreman


Scope of Work:

  • Wall Insulation System
  • LP Wood Lap Siding
  • LP Wood Shake Siding
  • PVC Column Cladding
  • Sheet Metal
    • Soffits & Fascia
    • Flashings
We are just getting the Shorehaven project started. This is a 4 building project where we will install all of the exterior wall insulation and siding. There are multiple systems as well as intense sheet metal details. We are looking to start 2017 off with a great project delivery experience for our client, this project and our crew! One initiative that we have been dabbling with; however are going to make a focus for this year is what we call A-L-T (Assembly Line Theory). This is a response to the complex buildings that are being designed today with multiple products and systems. We are not coming up with any new ideas that Henry Ford did not already come up with 104 years ago! A stronghold of WENGER2.017 is to create a great Project Experience...... "Create consistent efficiencies that will honor the customer's investment as well as maximize our results." We are studying work patterns and giving our crews the resources they need to be successful in maximizing efficiencies with regard to specialized mini crews, labor buckets and production tracking.

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