Wenger Worker Academy CREED

Wenger Worker Academy CREED

Working together to create a positive work environment!

If you have clicked to this page, you are seriously considering joining the Wenger team.  We invite you to continue your journey in learning more about this powerful career initiative that can provide a great family supporting wage and beyond.  We only offer the opportunity, you will determine your path from there.  We provide the environment for doers and achievers to succeed.

(Read the following Wenger Worker Academy Creed to see if you are a potential fit for our company.)

I share in the Wenger Worker Academy Vision and will do my part...

  1. To create a POSITIVE work environment.
  2. Where good workers can EARN a good wage and great workers can EARN a great wage.
  3. Where the tools are in place for the good workers to BECOME great workers!
  4. Where problem solving, great attitudes and teamwork THRIVE.
  5. Where POSITIVE THINKING is the rudder that guides our daily decisions and actions.
  6. We want a workplace where great IDEAS, hard WORK and INITIATIVE are applauded and rewarded!
  7. A place where a good honest days work feels really good. A place where taking RISKS and having RESULTS will lead to a family supporting wage and beyond!
  8. A place where the path from "clean up grunt" to "INSERT NAME / TITLE" has been BLAZED by EVERY SINGLE PERSON that works here - that is awesome!
  9. A place where the foundation has been BUILT by the AMERICAN DREAM principles: Hard Work, Perseverance, Initiative, Sacrifice and RIsk.
  10. A place where Family comes before Fortune. A place where we truly are a TEAM working toward a common GOAL.



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